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FREE 30 hours for 3/4 years & FREE 15 hours for 2 years 

English as an Additional Language

Here at Moonstone we will celebrate all languages ensuring all children feel apart and their achievements are recognised without the reliance of their proficiency in English. 

Within the new EYFS, Ofsted reminds us that “...Language is central to our sense of identity and belonging to a community. The profile recognises and values linguistic diversity.

The communication skills of children for whom English is not their home language will vary. However, learning English as an additional language (EAL) is not a special educational need.

Children will be at different stages of learning English and one or more other languages. Practitioners need to find out as much as they can about a child’s prior language experience and any education they have received elsewhere. Parents as the first educators are an important source of information.

Practitioners may need to help parents understand that a child’s home language development will help them learn English. Parents also need to know that it is perfectly acceptable, even desirable, for the child’s home language to be used in the setting.” 

Children's Experience

Children start at varying ages and stages of development. Likewise, they all have different experiences based on their families and home environment. Children may not yet be speaking but be exposed to other languages. Likewise, children may have developed one or more languages and now English as an Additional Language.

Space & Time

Our role is to allow plenty time, space and enthusiasm while we teach them and they teach us.

Celebrate Languages

We will recognise and celebrate children's knowledge and skills in their home language which builds their confidence. This creates the right environment for teaching and learning.

Parent Support

Reassure parents that children benefit from using their home language.


Parents are asked at registration to tell us about the languages used at home and are asked to educate the team in that language so we are better able to communicate with the children


Children who share the same home language will be encouraged and enabled to spend time together to aid communication.

Make it Visual

Teaching will be as visual as possible using pictorial resources to aid children with EAL, allowing them to fully access a language rich environment.

Team Training

The team will continue to receive training and support to enable us to carry out our roles effectively.  

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