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Quality Daycare Nursery in Kitts Green, Birmingham

Throughout the years, we have been able to open numerous day care nurseries across the UK. Having created a comfortable and safe environment for your children to learn and socialise with others around their age, all while learning important life skills.


About Moonstone Day Care Kitts Green.

We have created a comfortable and safe environment for all the children.

Moonstone Daycare’s Kitts Green location is a purpose-built children’s nursery located in Kitts Green, Birmingham which has more than enough space for your child to explore. It is a very open-plan nursery in which children are able to flow freely throughout the building, allowing them to focus on what captures their own imagination, helping them to learn and grow through their own choices and activities. Our Kitts Green nursery features its own sensory room, wet room and a large outdoor space for all children.
What sets our Kitts Green Daycare nursery apart is our expert staff, who have all been carefully selected as they love what they do, which shows during their teaching with each child developing their own individual relationships with teachers to ensure their education is focused on their specific needs. Our entire team have the ability to help the children feel calm and comfortable as they strive to give the children the best learning experience possible.

Meet Emma - Moonstone’s Kitts Green Nursery Manager

I’m Emma, I’m the nursery manager of Moonstone Kitts Green Nursery in Birmingham. In the past 3 years at Moonstone, I have gone from a practitioner to nursery manager. The knowledge gained from my studies and the experience I have gained over the last 10 years working in childcare settings, especially the 3 years at Moonstone has provided me with a great insight to families & the nursery world, allowing me to tailor teaching of each child specifically.
I originally started my Moonstone journey as a nursery practitioner at our Erdington branch. Over the 3 years I spent in Erdington I progressed into numerous roles and got the chance to work with all ages as well as the staff closely and eventually becoming the deputy manager at Erdington.
The opportunity arose to manage Kitts Green. It has been such an exciting process and I continue to look forward to working with the families everyday.


Services Offered at Moonstone’s Kitts Green Branch

At our Moonstone Kitts Green Branch, we offer a range of different services to suit your daily life. From daycare for your child for whole days to flexible hours daycare suited around your ever-changing schedule. We aim to work in partnership with all parents to ensure your child’s education needs are met, focusing on providing quality education and care for all children and team members, helping to build confidence and create leaders for life.

Complete Days Care in Kitts Green

If you require a full day of childcare, we’re more than able to provide, with so much space in our Birmingham based Kitts Green Nursery. If you have a set schedule you need child care during, just get in touch with our team to discuss your needs and ensure you’re only playing for the time you need, as well as scheduling in the days your child needs care. 
In order to aid our team in scheduling your child’s early learning, please provide us with a complete schedule of the days and time you require daycare, we will then create a booking and ensure you know exactly how much you’ll pay for the days you need.

Funded Care within Birmingham

If you’re the parent of a child under the age of 2 and currently receive certain benefits, you could be entitled to some free early learning for your child. For children aged 2-3, this equates to roughly 15 hours per week during each term, and parents who work as little as 16 hours per week, you could also be entitled to 30 worth of education per week for your child.

Flexible Childcare around Kitts Green

If your schedule is always changing and you’re not able to provide us with a concrete schedule of when you require childcare, we might be able to help. We know how tough it can be to find adequate child care and daycare nurseries at short notice within Birmingham, that’s why we will always do our best to ensure we offer flexible childcare. 
This allows you to only pay for the hours that your child needs and is actually in attendance at the nursery, all we require is a little prior notice in order to be able to plan out your child’s day and learning needs, as well as ensuring we have space and resources required.

Why Parents Choose Moonstone Daycare

What a lovely place Moonstone nursery is! I was looking around, searching for a good enough place for my 3yo for quite a while and wasn't happy with my findings. Then i found Moonstone and i knew straight away that this is the place for us. Everything is very well organised, and i feel my little girl is in safe hands every day. I can go to work worry free, knowing that she is well taken care of and is having plenty of fun time structured into her day at the nursery. I would highly recommend Moonstone Day Care to anyone.

October 28, 2017

Monika S

“Moonstone team are amazing, staff are always there to assist with whatever you need and always ready to support parents. My daughter has build confidence in herself and always happy to come to nursery making good friends with other kids. Thank you all for the support and encouragement you give to all I will definitely recommend moonstone to all my friends and family

October 28, 2017

Sarjo N

Very friendly and ever smiling staff who go the extra mile for me and my son. They have helped my son fall in love with his now second best home. My son is so comfortable with all the members of the staff here and this made me feel happy when l drop him at nursery. Within a few weeks of settling in my son had already picked very good habits. He has progressed well in his talking, counting and reasoning capacity. I am one happy and very appreciative parent who wishes Moonstone Birmingham nothing but the best as they do what they do best....looking after the little ones and educating them in the fun way they do. Thank you Moonstone Birmingham

October 28, 2017

Kudzai M

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